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Trane carried out the new Air Handling Unit  with a series of improvements and innovations to meet market demand. As comfort air-conditioning, it can be widely used in hotels, theaters, shopping malls, office buildings, schools and other places; as for industrial use air conditioning, it can also meet the electronics, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, cigarettes, food, light industry and other industries needs. Air volume starts from 5000 m3/h to 100,000 m3/h.

Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit
CSA 4-way Cassette FCU
Wide range of 4-way Cassette equipped with Built-in drain pump that makes installation easy. For good distribution of air flow and yet matches beautifully with interior ceiling panels.

Ceiling Concealed Ducted Type
Beautiful panel with slot opening for efficient air return and low noise operation. Sleek design for the most demanding interior decorations.

Chilled Water Fan Coil Convertible Type
Designed with low profile for confine ceiling height. Full range of capacity, low noise, high air volume at various external static pressures are available for the most demanding installation needs.

Wide range of residential systems for almost all household applications. Ranging from Inverter, Window units, Floor Mounted  Stylus Mini Split , Multi Split Condensing Unit, Illusion Mini Split Air Conditioner, High Wall G-Series choices of panel designs and capacities.

Light Commercial

A new standard for the air conditioning industry, Trane Oddysey sets new appearance and new standard for Serviceability... Installability... Reliability... and Flexibility for all applications in split system air conditioning ranging 5-20Tons.

Large Commercial

Large Commercial Split System 23-55 Tons RAUP/TTV Series


Motorized Valve